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The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved January 22, Winnipeg Free Press. Killer cast. Killer crew. Can't believe we get to do this". Day 46!

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Syfy Wire. Retrieved July 9, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved July 19, TV by the Numbers. Retrieved October 27, Retrieved November 4, Retrieved November 10, Retrieved December 1, Syfy original programming. Categories : American television series debuts American television series endings s American horror television series Adaptations of works by Kris Straub s American anthology television series Filicide in fiction Fratricide in fiction Fiction about mind control Television series about parallel universes Syfy original programs Television programs based on short fiction Television series about fictional serial killers Television series about missing people Television series about television Television series based on Internet-based works Television series by Universal Television Television series produced in Manitoba Television shows set in Ohio Works about psychology Works by Max Landis.

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Manitoba, Canada. Steven Weber. Child psychologist Mike Painter returns to his home town of Iron Hill, Ohio nearly thirty years after an unknown serial killer murdered five local children, among them his twin brother, Eddie. Eddie's body was never found.

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His mother, Marla, is the only family member remaining in the area. Painter reconnects with friends Jessica and Gary who is now the town's sheriff , and meets their daughter, Katie. Over dinner, Mike mentions Candle Cove , a disturbing children's television series involving puppet pirates that they watched around the time of the murders, until it mysteriously went off the air.

Katie tells Mike that she has seen the show recently. The next day Katie goes missing and Mike is under suspicion. Through Katie's brother, Dane, Mike realizes where he can find Katie. Mike follows a figure dressed as a skeleton who resembles one of the characters from the show. He discovers Katie alive in the woods where the murders took place. He carries Katie back to her family, unaware that she has left two of her teeth behind to be claimed by an eerie creature, whose skin is entirely made up of teeth.

Marla tells Mike that when he and his brother were watching Candle Cove as children, they were actually watching static on the television. Gary and Jessica are awoken by their son's screams after Katie stabs him with a hook. Although Gary doesn't completely trust Mike, he allows him to talk to Katie at the hospital alone in order to discover what happened. Meanwhile, Marla visits a television station to ask about Candle Cove.


The technician remembers the program and shows Marla a fan-made recreation. But he tells her that no tapes of the original show exist , as it was impossible to record. Mike finds more links to the Candle Cove imagery in Katie's drawing and uses it as a clue to visit an abandoned cement factory with his mother. Mike follows a mysterious figure into the factory alone and discovers the decomposed remains of his brother, Eddie. That night, Mike confesses to Marla that he killed Eddie as a child and buried his body, but that the corpse had been moved before the police dug up the grave site.

Channel Zero

Upset, Marla stabs Mike in the arm. The next day Gary comes to the house and asks Mike to come with him to the police station for questioning. However, along the way Mike realizes that Gary is taking him somewhere else. Gary takes Mike to an empty house he had wanted to buy and handcuffs him in a chair.

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Tim and Daphne arrive at the house where they all interrogate Mike about the murders of their family members, believing him responsible. Flashbacks reveal that Candle Cove inspired Eddie to kill Tim's bully brother, Gene, using psychic mind-control to make him walk off the edge of a cliff. Eddie continued vengefully killing other children in a similar way before Mike stopped him by stabbing him with a hook.

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In present day, the others doubt Mike's story and Tim shoots him in the shoulder in a struggle for the truth. Marla, Jessica, and deputy Amy arrive at the house as Tim and Daphne run away. Seeing Mike's condition, Amy takes Gary into custody. Later, Daphne visits Mrs. Booth, her former teacher, who also lost a son in the murders. After explaining what happened with Mike at the house, Booth murders Daphne with an ice hook and returns to host a group of children watching Candle Cove on her television.

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It is revealed that the kids killed Tim when he was walking home as Booth buries the body. Mike's daughter, Lily, inexplicably arrives alone at Marla's house, even though she lives miles away.

go site Lily reveals herself to be a manifestation of Eddie and promises to send Mike "where he belongs". Fulfilling Eddie's wish, Mike breaks into the morgue with the help of Jessica and burns Eddie's skeletal remains. Another plot point that becomes more obvious upon rewatching, Dylan is clearly the Jules in his situation, where he'd previously left the house and then needed to find its next appearance a year later in order to go back and save her.

Lacey is the Margot, as she'd initially been hot in the biscuit to escape the house, only to later accept memory-sapped domesticity within its shifting borders. Which then begs the question that I didn't think to ask at the time if Lacey's Houseworld "husband" was the same kind of manipulative monster that Seth was. All that definitely adds narrative weight to the couple's story, as it shows another tragic instance in which the House won.

And for what it's worth, I jokingly asked about whether or not Dylan would have seen Seth during his previous visit. That's a very good point. I would have to assume that Seth was able to avoid him in the Houseworld, so he wouldn't give him away right away. That would certainly have to be part of the Seth-man Begins prequel series, right? Watching him dodge Dylan and Lacey during their first trip into Houseworld would almost invoke a slapstick element that would make the show even more surreal. I think it's clear to just about everyone that the No-End House isn't just looking for general audiences to succeed in making it all the way through and into Houseworld.

Otherwise, it wouldn't try freaking the fuck out of people in each room. People like Seth are the true targets, though, and considering how long Seth had been a resident of this modernity-free existence, I asked Jeff Ward if the House was on Seth's side, so to speak.

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And his answer drew attention to, yet again, another clue that appeared early on for detail-obsessed viewers. It's interesting, we embedded it in the first episode. When the masked figure in the second room, in the blue suit, when he is walking around to everyone and he shoves J. And he looks right into my eyes, and very, very quietly, he laughs. And to us, what that always kinda was, was like, 'Oh, you're back. That's exactly right. Definitely makes sense, since the House can manipulate so many other aspects of its inner world. And while it almost seems like the House is a deity that creates things and allows some form of free will to take place -- or free chaos, to be more exact -- there's no reason at all to think that it wouldn't intentionally assist those who praise and honor its existence.

As to whether Seth knows it or not, that's another story. The actor brought up another instance where it seemed like the House would have had to have lent Seth a hand, as it were. Sometimes, we had to figure out that the House kinda has rules that you can bend a little bit, like where Seth got the cage to keep his family in, and how he got them in there. We kinda of have a few different theories for how that happened.

Sure, it's possible that the House appeared somewhere and there was a Home Depot in it where Seth could go and buy all the supplies needed to build that fence, all while nonchalantly telling his cannibal family that he was thinking about getting into animal husbandry. But it feels more like a situation where he wanted a cage to put them in, and then that cage appeared without many questions asked.

Of course, not all Channel Zero: No-End House questions could be answered by Jeff Ward, who couldn't speak from the brain of creator Nick Antosca, no matter how much they talked about the mythology.

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