Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)

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Our study provided insight into the risk factors for mortality and microbiological characteristics of ventilator-associated tracheobronchitis. Potential intravenous drug interactions in intensive care. To analyze potential intravenous drug interactions, and their level of severity associated with the administration of these drugs based on the prescriptions of an intensive care unit. Quantitative study, with aretrospective exploratory design, and descriptive statistical analysis of the ICU prescriptions of a teaching hospital from March to June The sample consisted of prescriptions and subsamples of 50 prescriptions.

The mean number of drugs per patient was 9. The study identified severe drug interactions, such as concomitant administration of Tramadol with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs e. A previous mapping of prescriptions enables the characterization of the drug therapy, contributing to prevent potential drug interactions and their clinical consequences. A quantitative study, conducted in an intensive care unit, from April to August of A total of patients were included. Patients who developed AKI To learn the perception of health professionals in an intensive care unit towards palliative care.

This was a descriptive and qualitative study based on the converging care approach conducted at an intensive care unit in the South of Brazil. Semi-structured interviews were used to investigate the understanding of the professionals about palliative care in this unit. Participants included 37 professionals 12 nurses, 11nursing technicians, 5 physical therapists and 9 doctors.

The key ideas extracted from the interviews were: care in the end stage of life that avoids futile measures; comfort care; lack of standardized care and lack of team training. The professionals perceived palliative care as appropriate in the last stages of life, with no need for futile treatment or as comfort measures. However, they are aware of the lack of standardization and lack of capacity building in this area, which leads them to conceive palliative care as terminal care, and measures are recommended to break with this stigma.

Os profissionais. Humanization in the Intensive Care: perception of family and healthcare professionals. Understanding perceptions of family members and healthcare professionals about humanization at the Intensive Care Unit ICU to direct it to an educational action. Exploratory descriptive and qualitative study conducted in an ICU level 3 of a public hospital in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, with fourteen subjects, eight family members and six healthcare professionals. Data collection carried out through semi-structured interviews and focus group.

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Content Analysis was used. Although the subjects have expressed their perceptions about humanization in different ways, both groups pointed out the same needs and priorities to improve humanization in Intensive Care. From the results, we created a reflective manual of humanizing assistance practices for professionals, a board to facilitate communication of these professionals with patients and a guideline book for family members.

Coleta de dados realizada por meio de: entrevistas semiestruturadas e grupo focal. A partir dos resultados, criou-se um Manual Reflexivo de pr. Critical incidents connected to nurses' leadership in Intensive Care Units. Exploratory, descriptive study, conducted with 24 nurses by using the Critical Incident Technique as a methodological benchmark.

Results were grouped into 61 critical incidents distributed into categories. Researchers came to the conclusion that leadership-related situations interfere with IC nurses' behaviors. Among these situations they found: difficulty in the communication process; conflicts in the daily exercise of nurses' activities; people management; and the setting of high quality care targets.

This positively impacts the organization's results. Study of the Local Horizon. Spanish Title: Estudio del Horizonte Local. Estudo do Horizonte Local.

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The study of the horizon is fundamental to easy the first observations of the students at any education center. A simple model, to be developed in each center, allows to easy the study and comprehension of the rudiments of astronomy. The constructed model is presented in turn as a simple equatorial clock, other models horizontal and vertical may be constructed starting from it. El estudio del horizonte es fundamental para poder facilitar las primeras observaciones de los alumnos en un centro educativo. Evidence-based measures to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections: a systematic review.

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The 34 studies identified were organized in an instrument and assessed by using the classification provided by the Joanna Briggs Institute. This study aimed to analyze the association between job strain and hypertension in the female population. The Brazilian version of the short version of the Job Stress Scale demand-control model was used. Compared to participants with jobs classified as low strain, adjusted prevalence ratios for hypertension in women who performed passive and active high-strain jobs were, respectively, 0.

Longitudinal analyses should be performed to clarify the role of these work environment psychosocial characteristics as a determinant of hypertension. Professional nursing practice in critical units: assessment of work environment characteristics. En contrapartida, el control del ambiente y el soporte organizacional fueron relatados como desfavorables. Severity and workload related to adverse events in the ICU.

To analyze whether an increase in patient severity and nursing workload are correlated to a greater incidence of adverse events AEs in critical patients. A prospective single cohort study was performed on a sample of patients hospitalized in an intensive care unit ICU. A total of AEs, occurred, affecting Increased patient severity presented a direct relationship to the probability of AEs occurring.

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However, nursing workload did not present a statistically significant relationship with the occurrence of AEs. The results cast light on the importance of using evaluation tools by the nursing personnel in order to optimize their daily activities and focus on patient safety.

Apresentam-se os resultados de um estudo espectral em raios-X de fontes do tipo Z. Impact of respiratory therapy in vital capacity and functionality of patients undergoing abdominal surgery. To evaluate the vital capacity after two chest therapy techniques in patients undergoing abdominal surgical. A prospective randomized study carried out with patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after abdominal surgery. We checked vital capacity, muscular strength using the Medical Research Council scale, and functionality with the Functional Independence Measure the first time the patient was breathing spontaneously D1 , and also upon discharge from the Intensive Care Unit Ddis.

Between D1 and Ddis, respiratory therapy was carried out according to the randomized group.

Entre D1 e Dalta, foi realizada a fisioterapia respirat. Impact of critical care environment on burnout, perceived quality of care and safety attitude of the nursing team. A partir da tomografia Doppler obtivemos perfis de emissividade radial para o disco tanto para a linha de Ha como para HeI. Use of a severity indicator as a predictor of the use of hepatic transplantation resources.

The frequencies were analyzed by linear regression analysis of variance to detect relevance due to the dependent variable severity indicator in 76 cases seen in Cost of nursing most frequent procedures performed on severely burned patients. The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between participant and parental educational status considered as an indicator of socioeconomic status and participant pattern of weight gain in adulthood.

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Self-administered questionnaires were used to identify patterns of weight gain in adulthood. The association between participant educational status and weight history was not statistically significant among men. In this study, changes in weight throughout life, both steady and cyclic, were associated with parental and participant educational status, with major differences between genders. Esta tese apresenta os resultados de uma investigacao experimental em filmes epitaxiais emissores de luz baseados em InxGa1-xN.

O InxGa1-xN e uma liga semicondutora ternaria do grupo III-N muito utilizada como camada activa numa gama de dispositivos optoelectronicos em desenvolvimento, incluindo diodos emissores de luz LEDs e diodos laser LDs , para operacao na regiao do visivel e ultravioleta do espectro electromagnetico. O objectivo central do trabalho prende-se com a compreensao mais profunda dos processos fisicos que estao por tras das suas propriedades opticas, preenchendo o fosso existente entre aplicacoes tecnologicas e o conhecimento cientifico.

Nomeadamente, a tese aborda os problemas da medicao da fraccao de InN x em multicamadas ultrafinas sujeitas a tensoes, a influencia da composicao e das tensoes microscopicas nas propriedades opticas e estruturais. A metodologia seguida assenta na integracao de resultados obtidos por tecnicas complementares atraves de uma analise sistematica e multidisciplinar.

Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)
Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)
Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)
Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)
Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)
Dors Bien et Se Sentir Grands avec CPAP, Deuxième édition (French Edition)

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