Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)

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Courrier de la mer blanche

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Dabei bin ich auf der Seite derer, die der Meinung sind, dass auch hier mehr Harmonisierung stattfinden muss. Deshalb ist das ein ganz wichtiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Potete quindi rendervi conto come questa direttiva rappresenti per il mio paese una prerogativa importante per l'identificazione e il recupero di molti crediti per lo Stato, che gravano a tutt'oggi sui conti delle amministrazioni locali. Condivido dunque l'approccio della direttiva che non mira a incidere sui regimi nazionali circa la natura penale o amministrativa delle infrazioni e per la quale ho dunque espresso il mio voto favorevole.

Bruno Gollnisch NI. Il y a simplement une chose qui me frappe dans toute cette affaire. Daniel Hannan ECR. It has happened not as the result of a decision of this House or of any of the national legislatures. The European Treaties provide for free movement and settlement where the person moving is able to support himself, either from a pension or by working in the host country, but a series of recent cases has undermined the basis of that agreement.

We have had the case of a Portuguese national who worked in Germany and is claiming German benefits on his return to Portugal, and we have Dutch nationals who are denied Dutch benefits when they move abroad, whereas foreign nationals continue to claim them if they have been in Holland. We have a similar case in Britain: a pensioner from one of the Baltic States who is claiming supplementary benefits because her Baltic pension is not enough to support her. The point is not just that this attacks the basis of national statehood, which is discrimination on the basis of nationality.

Employing Parish Catechetical Leaders: A Practical Handbook

I do not expect much sympathy when I say that in this House, but surely those on the Left will also understand that it breaks the social compact on which the whole post-war welfare system is based, because you cannot ask people to pay into a system if anyone else is then able to arrive and claim from it without having paid a penny into it. Carlo Fidanza PPE. Uno scenario preoccupante che non ci deve lasciare indifferenti. Per il futuro dovremo comunque affrontare in modo definitivo questo tema e dobbiamo normare una volta per tutte e non dobbiamo lasciare la valutazione di merito su ogni singolo dossier, che ne condiziona l'importanza a seconda del peso politico e numerico di chi impugna le stesse tavole di correlazione.

The first piece of advice is to stop asking for more money. You have plenty of money. At a time of austerity, when national governments are cutting budgets, it is absurd that you are asking for more. Mr Barroso, you have more than one thousand officials who currently earn more than the British Prime Minister.

We have two seats for the Parliament. There is plenty of waste; use your resources more wisely.

Susan Boos

The second piece of advice is: account for the money you are given. Our accounts have not been signed off for sixteen years, so aim to have the Court of Auditors approve them in Seventeenth time lucky, perhaps. Thirdly, concentrate on what you do best. Complete the single market and strive for free trade around the world. Free markets will do more to improve the conditions of our citizens and those in developing nations than any number of European regulations, initiatives and agencies could ever achieve.

We can never, ever compromise security because of the fact that we are only one day away from the next atrocity. One of the problems faced by the travelling public is the delays that are incurred at airports — every airport — in going through security. Firstly, it will speed up the passage of passengers through security — because it is only a matter of seconds — and, secondly, it will ensure personal integrity, because the moment that the actual image has been taken, the image will be destroyed.

Also, from the point of view of the danger to public health, it deals with the issue of ionising radiation. So it is a good report, but the important thing is that it is not left lying on a Commission desk gathering dust.

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We should implement this. Itse kannatan siis skannereita. Toinen asia on tietysti nesteiden vieminen lentokoneeseen. Loomulikult ka turvaskannerite kasutamise kaudu. Syed Kamall ECR. The issue has always been one of great difficulty for authorities. But what concerns me about the use of these scanners is where there is no alternative. Fortunately, an alternative is called for in this report, but there are still a number of countries around the world where you are refused the right to travel if you refuse to use a scanner.

There are genuine concerns. There are still people who are medically trained who are frequent travellers and who complain about the health hazards of travelling.

Super GAU Tschernobyl 1986

But in particular I would like to point out one problem which some of my constituents have written to me about: the problem that arises for people who carry colostomy bags or ileostomy bags. If people who carry those refuse to be scanned, they are either refused travel or what happens in the end is that they are subjected to the most amazing humiliation in front of fellow-travellers.

It is about time staff were trained better and made to be more sensitive to members of the travelling public who suffer from these problems. Ei ole. Ad oggi, purtroppo, l'Italia raggiunge a malapena il 4 per cento di donne all'interno dei CDA. Le donne competenti e qualificate devono poter crescere lavorativamente al pari dei colleghi uomini, dimostrando e facendo valere le proprie competenze.

El programa aboga por la igualdad para superar la crisis. Preto som paragrafy 1, 2 a 16 nepodporila. See raport oli tasakaalustatud ja konkreetne. Taxation is a matter of subsidiarity and we feel that talk of tax harmonisation at this stage, while it may be idealistic, is premature, especially as we in Ireland are in the midst of an IMF-EU bail-out, and for the EU part of that bail-out we are paying what we consider to be draconian interest rates.

But we cannot get a reduction because at Council level some Member States want to have a quid pro quo — a reduction of interest rates if we give up our right to set our own corporation tax rate. This is contrary to the spirit of subsidiarity and it is also contrary to the spirit of solidarity which is supposed to exist in the European Union. Even the people running it no longer professed, if ever they had, the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Yet one could not see how it was going to end because so many people had a vested interest in the maintenance of the status quo. I had an eerie sense of nostalgia as I listened to the debate this morning.

One by one, the pillars that sustained the European ideal have been kicked away and yet we continue to tell ourselves that the answer is more integration, more Europe, monetary and fiscal union, common economic governance, and so on. The Schengen Treaty is collapsing as governments begin to reimpose border controls, and now the euro is also showing itself to be unsustainable. Yet the apparat of Europe in this House and in the palaces and chancelleries of the continent continues to trot out the same slogans about ever-closer union, not to convince the voters, not even really to convince themselves — not any more — but simply because they do not know what else to do.

And when the market corrects itself the whole bubble bursts and the market crashes.

burrow22ricardo.dev3.develag.com/map1.php That is what we saw with Credit First. Why have we not learnt the lessons that individuals and governments and families should not spend more money than they earn? Surely, of all the countries, Greece should have learnt that, and other countries around the EU. They simply got themselves into trouble because they spent money they did not have. Why have we not tackled the real problem in the financial system, which is the fact that banks are deemed too big to fail?

If you actually leave it to the market then other competitors will come forward. Worst of all, we think that governments can spend money better than the private sector and create jobs. The last country to do that was the USSR. Let us not go that way.

Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)
Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)
Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)
Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)
Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)
Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition) Fukushima lässt grüssen: Die Folgen eines Supergaus (German Edition)

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