Hard Justice; Final Destination

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In , TNA discontinued the monthly pay-per-views and began running pay-per-views on quarterly basis a year in favor of the new pre-recorded One Night Only events. Hardcore Justice was dropped as a pay-per-view and instead resumed as a special episode of TNA's flagship television program Impact Wrestling. On the August 8 episode of Impact Wrestling , it was announced that A. Sky returned to TNA and sat ringside for the match. The August 15 Hardcore Justice special opened with a ladder match between A. Near the end of the match, as Hardy was about to climb a ladder for the win, Kazarian's allies Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels interfered in the match on his behalf as Kazarian took an appletini from Daniels and threw it into Hardy's eyes to knock him out and climbed the ladder and retrieve the clipboard to win the match and earn 20 points in the BFG Series.

Next, a tag team match was scheduled to take place pitting ODB and Velvet Sky against Gail Kim and Mickie James , but the match was abruptly changed into a three-way hardcore match due to Sky's injury. ODB nailed a Bam! The penultimate match was a tables match between Bobby Roode , Magnus , Mr. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian interfered in the match on Roode's behalf, with Daniels throwing an appletini in Magnus' eyes and Roode powerbombed him through the table to win the match.

Near the end of the match, the referee was accidentally knocked out by Sabin and Ray. Sabin nailed a missile dropkick on Ray and then tried to escape the cage but Mr. Anderson interfered and slammed the cage door on Sabin. Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz interfered to counter Anderson's interference and Jackson attacked Anderson, during which Ortiz turned on Jackson by hitting him with a hammer, which distracted Sabin enough for Ray to deliver him a Bully Bomb and win the title. The August 22 edition of Hardcore Justice opened with Christopher Daniels, Bobby Roode and Kazarian announcing the formation of their new alliance called EGO and they invited Austin Aries to join the group but were interrupted by Gunner and James Storm , who confronted them, leading to a tag team match pitting Storm and Gunner against Roode and Kazarian.

Storm was about to win the match by executing a Last Call on Roode but the referee got in the way, which allowed Roode to hit a low blow to Storm and roll him up for the win. Next, Manik took on Sonjay Dutt. Bobby Roode and Kazarian interfered in the match on Daniels' behalf until Austin Aries showed up apparently to be their ally but turned on them by hitting a brainbuster on Daniels and then brawled with Roode and Kazarian.

Park then nailed a Black Hole Slam on Bradley for the win. Kim took advantage of ODB's injured arm and pinned her with a crucifix for the win. Anderson and Knux. Udell said Carnival recycles some bottles in countries with "minimal infrastructure" and allows contractors to self-certify that the bottles were recycled. Vice Admiral William Burke, Carnival's chief maritime officer, said at the status conference, "The reason I have a pretty good sense they're getting recycled is that we're getting paid for them.

Udell said Carnival had not previously disclosed that and requested data about the prices Carnival receives. Burke said he didn't think beverage bottles were slipping through Carnival's waste management machinery to end up in the ocean. Carnival is now two and a half years into its five-year probationary period, which is scheduled to end in April Some worry that it will reach that milestone without having put in place a sustainable compliance culture.

District Court Judge Patricia Seitz said she had hoped that the probation oversight would have been much smoother at this point than it has proven to be.

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Hard Justice; Final Destination Hard Justice; Final Destination
Hard Justice; Final Destination Hard Justice; Final Destination
Hard Justice; Final Destination Hard Justice; Final Destination
Hard Justice; Final Destination Hard Justice; Final Destination
Hard Justice; Final Destination Hard Justice; Final Destination

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