Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life

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These productivity hacks are simple, actionable, and will transform your day – starting today.

Personally, I fall into the former camp. So, I do a lot of pro-bono work for friends and family — anyone in my network, really. If someone I know is setting up a new business, I advise them on best practices to creating the kind of culture they want, including establishing their mission and values. Use the right tools. Technology is a double-edged sword.

But with the right toolkit, technology can make any team more efficient. Project-management systems, content-management systems, collaboration platforms, and a number of automation tools make our jobs easier. Some tools even make you better at your job. Solid relationships internally will improve efficiencies and trust among employees. Take advantage of individual expertise and pull select team members into purposeful conversations. Take action: Foster internal relationships and facilitate teamwork. A few ways to do just that:. Bonus: Healthy relationships in the office i.

Make the most of meetings. According to Fast Company , you probably average about 16 hours a week sitting in meetings. Make meetings count and be fully prepped for every discussion. If a colleague throws an unnecessary meeting on your calendar, decline. Productive people allocate time to the most impactful activities. Download our meeting guide to run more effective, meaningful meetings. Eliminate multitasking. How can we truly focus efficiently and creatively with a buzzing object and constant notifications?

My advice: Get off the grid. Movement and exercise stimulate flow throughout the body — it reduces discomfort, reduce back and neck pain and increases both energy and attentiveness.


Tip 5: Decorate your Workspace Do you want to know how to be productive to improve your mood at work? Personalise your workspace. Add some colour.

Planning Your To-Dos

Let in the light. Add a plant. Studies suggest that individuals may consciously or subconsciously take comfort from the items with which they surround themselves while working, and these items may help maintain emotional energy in the face of the stresses, distractions, and difficulties that come from their work.

A Huffington Post article states:. Below is a Huffington Post infographic on how to set up your desk for success. Why not reward yourself with a favourite drink or go to your favourite diner with friends after work to celebrate.

The 21 Daily Routines and Habits of Highly Productive Founders and Creatives

A chocolate treat perhaps? Rewarding oneself can be an effective way to increase your motivation in boosting your productivity. Knowing that there is something that gives you joy waiting for you at the end of your work day is a good method to encourage yourself to reach greater heights in your work. Remember, highly motivated people are more productive.

The Simple Secrets of Successful People surmised that researchers find that perceived self-interest, the rewards one believes are at stake, is the most significant factor in predicting dedication and satisfaction toward work. It accounts for about 75 percent of personal motivation toward accomplishment. Tip 7: Listen to Music Listening to music is one of the most underrated productive things to do when working. For some people, too quiet of an atmosphere does not help to get them in the zone.

20 Productivity Tips That Can Change Your Life Forever!

They use music to gain focus at work — a fact that is backed by science. Listening to melodic sounds helps to stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain , creating a feeling of well-being. Research suggests that music aids in the efficiency of performing repetitive tasks. There have been studies in which people who listened to music had better ideas and completed their tasks faster, due to their better mood. Below are some of their other research findings. We plug in those earphones to escape from a too noisy or too quiet an environment or just to add more zest to our monotonous jobs.

Reading can help reduce stress , according to a University of Sussex research. Besides, books are the foundation of success and the only habit that all successful men have in common. Every morning start your day by answering three questions: What must your do to create the most impact today? What should your do to build a better future? This strategy was developed by Dwight Eisenhower. Using the decision matrix below, you will separate your actions based on four possibilities. Of course, you can apply this to your daily life as well since it highlights the importance of planning and organization.

Coined by psycho-physiologist Peretz Lavie, ultradian rhythms are simply the natural rhythms that the body cycles through every minutes. It can get pretty complex, but the idea is that you should concentrate when your energy levels are highest, but to rest when you feel drained. Based on the principles outlined by Stephen R.

Companies like Facebook and Asana have a rule where there are no meetings on Wednesdays. Other companies have this rule for other days of the week, but the idea is the same. I've implemented this two days a week at my company Calendar. It works like a charm. Instead of composing just a to-do list, create a to-done list where you write down everything you've already accomplished. This way everything is ready to go on Monday morning. We got this via Slack to make it easier for everyone and not be too formal. Work in an environment that has your auditory sweet spot some prefer silence, others like background , organized, comfortable, free of distractions, and comfortable.

Also make sure you have all the tools and resources readily available. And, paint your workplace a color that improves your productivity. Turn off all notifications for email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels when eating that frog. Try all you might, there will occasionally be interruptions. Examples include reading industry magazines, organizing folders, or reviewing your contact lists. This is a list of those bad habits that waste your time or hinder your productivity. Write these habits down so that you can develop a realistic plan to replace these bad habits with good habits. Focus Will is an app that not only removes distractions, it also increases productivity. The average person has 27 discrete online logins. That takes-up a lot of real estate in our brains. And, trying to recover lost logins is time-consuming.

Invest in a password manager, like LastPass or 1Password to rectify this problem. Blue wavelengths from fluorescent lights and electronic devices can fatigue your eyes and accelerate eye aging. To combat this start by taking a couple of small steps like blinking more and reducing your exposure before bed.

You may also want to consider getting protective lenses. Active listening is when you all of your attention and focus is at the conversation at-hand.

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Set a specific time to completely check-out from work so that you can avoid further exposure to blue light and recharge your batteries. When does someone like Richard Branson find the time to exercise? By waking up at am everyday. Often, when you feel tired or hungry, all you really need may be a big glass of water to get back in the game. Remember, getting seven-to-nine hours of quality sleep every night improves your attention, concentration, creativity, decision-making, and health. It also reduces stress and impulsiveness.

If you do have an alcoholic beverage, have one several hours before your hit the hay. Another study found that students exposed to a citrus-scented cleaner were more likely to clean up after themselves, while in a Japanese study the scent of lemon improved typing accuracy, with workers making 54 percent fewer errors.

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In order to truly meditate you need to remove everything else from thought. Having a power pose in place for around 2 minutes may assist with confidence, decrease stress, and encourage a greater tolerance for risk. Natural light increases your energy levels, helps you focus, reduces stress, and assists in better sleep. According to A Life of Productivity , smiling makes you more productive because it boosts your immunity, makes your happier, handle stress better, and helps you focus on the big picture.

Looking at pictures of animals can have similar effects. Some meetings are essential. Obviously you would have an arhitect design your home. As noted in Entrepreneur , "This will help you know what success looks like before you start. And it will also slow time down. After the call or task, decide on whether or not the desired result was achieved. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life
Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life Productivity Tips for Your Daily Life

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