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An Ancestral Home

The Dragon are often placing fate on unclaimed rings, and the High House of Light shows how they can manipulate these rings to their advantage.

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However, they are not the only ones who can interact with fate on rings. The path the Dragon walk is unique among the clans of Rokugan. High in the mountains, they care little about the conflicts of the Emerald Empire.

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But to face the might of the Dragon is to confront deadly techniques, shrewd investigation, and ancient knowledge unfamiliar to most samurai of Rokugan. Will you walk the path of the Dragon when Seekers of Wisdom releases in the fourth quarter of ? All rights reserved. Discuss this article in our forums!

Wisdom Seekers

All Related News. Report Technical Issue. This chapter invokes the spirit of Sophia as metaphorical guide and describes a path for educators and practitioners that can assist in the recovery of wisdom in the face of increasing pressures of measurable outcomes within the field of lifelong learning. Volume , Issue The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

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View access options below. Asako Togama seems like a sleeper hit for Phoenix. The ability is good, and having 5pol on a 4-drop with only 2 glory is solid. As someone that plays a fair number of non-shugenja and always Isawa Mori Seido, I definitely appreciate his statline more than anything.

Seekers of the Light of Torah: Wisdom, Humility, and the Law of Cause and Effect

His ability is something I need to play with before saying if it is good or not. At a glance, it definitely sounds hard to set up. Anyway, he is a statline monster, which may be good enough to compete with the 4 cost shugenja you will still run anyway. So, Togashi Hoshi is a 'creature'.

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I wonder if he's still a half-Dragon creature, not clan , as in the original L5R, and still Togashi Yokuni's son. If so, that would probably mean Yokuno is actually the original Togashi, as he was in the original L5R. Yokuni's got his signature "both bushi and shugenja" keywords. I assume he's the Kami until proven otherwise. Good stronghold, nice alternative to the core set. The six-coster seems playable to me. All told it looks like Dragon's going to get a good set. So some people are saying that Hoshi is a good character, but I honestly cannot see how when playing a character from hand is both less expensive and less complicated to set up than Hoshi.

Please try to sell me on his ability, I am honestly at a loss for how it is worth the cost.

Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom Seekers of Wisdom
Seekers of Wisdom

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